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RugbyPad: a simple sketchpad

One of my weekend pastimes is to volunteer as team manager for a Touch Rugby club (The Tanglin Rugby Club in Singapore). The team players are 6 year-olds, and explaining strategy to them can be very difficult.

Children in pre-school and early primary years have not yet mastered the concepts of spatial ability -key concepts that Touch Rugby helps understand. Looking at a bi-dimensional surface with the position of each player is just a quick shortcut to enable children to "see" their positions in the pitch.

By tapping on the icons, the children can visualise the game as it unfolds and can look for "spaces", "opposition" and "road blocks". Then they will take this insight -naturally- into their next real game.

How to Use: tap on the icons -the icon you tap last is the one who gets the ball. Tap and drag icons around the screen -when two icons overlap, a "Tackle" message will be displayed. Use the "Reset" button to return RugbyPad to its initial state.

About the app

This is a responsive app for Android devices created using the excellent MIT App Inventor 2 framework.

RugbyPad is compatible with Android devices that can use the App Inventor framework -the majority of Android phones or tablets released since 2016.

The MD5 hash of this app is 43cd3765e6735442d6d875081f69ed29

The app will try to adjust itself to the screen size: the graphics and icons will scale to maintain consistency -but some devices may not scale correctly.

RugbyPad is completely free to install and use, and it's released under a Creative Commons license.