Creative solutions in technology, digital marketing and data visualisation.


Preparing the next generation with the knowledge, philosophies and experiences that we have acquired throughout our own lives, so that they can pass it to their heirs, is the cornerstone of generativity.

Access to cheap and near universal technology and the blossoming of STEM -science, technology, engineering, mathematics- at all levels of education have added a novel dimension to generativity: a whole new world of ideas, invention and creativity has arrived, and this world is an expanding generative system.

By mentoring and coaching in Design and STEM, I share with others the things I have learned to enjoy: solving problems with technology.


Rugby Pad: a simple sketchpad

One of my weekend pastimes is to volunteer as team manager for a Touch Rugby club. The players are 6 year old and explaining strategy to them can be very difficult.

All 6 year-olds I have shown the app are very impressed by it and can instantly grasp the strategy.

Click here to learn more about RugbyPad or click on the icon to download to your Android device.