Creative solutions in technology, digital marketing and data visualisation.

Data Visualization

We live in a world where data is a valuable resource and interacting with it is one of the cornerstones of the post-Internet era.

Visualizing magnitudes, quantities, proportions. Introducing variables, modifying scenarios, simulating outcomes.

It's all Data Visualization; from marketing scenarios and sales forecasts, to the outcome of a nuclear explosion or a pandemic -data becomes immediate and useful as it is shown in the screen using visually appealing elements and formats.

Ground Zero: nuclear weapons and Google Maps

Ground Zero uses open source formulas and the Google Maps Javascript API to help kids understand "what would happen if a bomb exploded in my city?" -just enter the name of the location and select one of many weapons, past and present.

The script was designed as a teaching tool to illustrate the power of destruction of nuclear weapons. It has been used as part of school presentations, in wargames forums, in physics workgroups, and in a civil defense hearing.

Since the first version was released in 2009 it has been visited more than three million times.

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Ground Zero 2

Ground Zero 2 adds more destructiveness to Ground Zero: it add maps for overpressure (the destructive effect of the expansive wave) and fallout patterns. It uses open source formulas and the Google Maps Javascript API.

This version is no longer maintained -it has been ported to the Nuke This website.,