Clear and appealing data visualizations is key for success.

I can help you define and implement eye-catching, modern and useful dashboards, with modern business intelligence tools -like Google Data Studio, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau.

By connecting and integrating all your disparate business data sources, legacy data files and other repositories, I build beautiful and interactive dashboard reports to display your information and help your business make better decisions.

With my skills as copy-writer and editor, I help you build a story for your data -it is with a compelling story that your data findings and dashboards acquire a voice and tone that helps deliver your message to your audience.

Using geographical and spatial tools I can help you put your data points in the real world –a map can convey a unique depth to your information, and can be very compelling for your users.

Ground Zero

Ground Zero was designed as part of an educational project for children in primary schooling –it shows the radius of destruction of a nuclear detonation on any location. It uses Google Maps and Javascript and presents a simple, but succinct, visualization of the consequences of nuclear warfare.

Its newer version Ground Zero II was a runaway success, and has been featured in multiple websites and columns across the Internet. It has been used by grassroots activists, civil defence group, planners and even academic scholars.

Both scripts currently draw more than 20 thousand visitors per month to this website.

Friends of the Earth

A non-profit organization with over 2 million members and supporters around the world, Friends of the Earth requested a map application where an image of the contamination fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986 could be superimposed over a map of Australia.

The purpose of the application is to present the danger from a possible radiation accident, should nuclear reactors be built on Australia.

This map is online and can be seen at their website.