Ground Zero II

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a nuclear bomb goes off in your city? With Google's Maps framework and a bit of Javascript, you can see the outcome. And it doesn't look good.

Now with Nuclear Fallout, Wind and Pressure

Just what you need to be safe in these turbulent times: enter the address of that boss, teacher, colleague or loved one; select a weapon and a damage map mode.

By clicking repeatedly on "Fallout" you can change the wind direction at the moment of the explosion.

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A ZIP archive with the source code can be found here.

Science Caveat

The damage caused by a nuclear explosion is affected by a multitude of variables, and some of these require powerful super-computers to be simulated properly. The terrain, buildings and weather patterns are not part of the calculations used to map the damage.

Fallout shows the possible dispersion of radioactive isotopes after six hours of the explosion, assuming a constant gentle breeze.

The formulas used here are in the public domain, and were sourced from the websites of the Federation of American Scientists and from Wikipedia

With thanks to: Jenn, Google and all those who posted witty and valuable comments, with praise and loathe for Ground Zero.

Disclaimer: This code is posted "as is", with a Creative Commons license and neither Carlos Labs nor any of its representatives guarantee the suitability of this script, or assume any responsibility for your actions.

This script is free to use on any software project, free or otherwise, provided you credit Carlos Labs and you do not remove the header in the script.

Project: 200903A



I LOVE the new version. Regretfully, the code given to embed your app in a web page throws a not found error.


We published a URL that does not work - totally our fault.

Sorry for the mixup - and many thanks for letting us know.

:: carloslabs ::


Interesting app, that's for sure... it would be an added function to have an EMP effects map for each yield. You could have the user search for a location as before and then choose an altitude above that point.

About EMP

For the benefit of our casual readers:

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is a short-lived burst of energy that occurs after a nuclear explosion - it tends to short-circuit any electronic and computer equipement not previously "radiation hardened" for dozens, or hundreds of miles around, depending on the altitude of the explosion.

We will put it into a new list of things to do, once we get on to the next iteration of Ground Zero - this one looks like a winner.

Thanks for your support,



Is there a legend for how much Thermal damage each colour represents? ie The darkest purple would be complete incineration. Otherwise very cool simulation.


Hi there - just click on the Google Marker for a description of the effects.

Units of thermal power are usually expressed in "joules", "watt" or something similar - far too scientific to comprehend. Since most people know about the effects of burns on the human body, we opted for that convention to represent the effects.

Darkest purple is complete incineration, no doubt about it.