Missile Range Map Tool

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The long-awaited companion to Ground Zero, this application maps the potential range of modern and historical ballistic and artillery weapons

Select a weapon from the list and the map will be updated to show the potential launch location.You can also select a weapon and enter an address, if you want to see a map of the range from the new location.
Additional weapon ranges can be clicked on the map -very handy to see how far can North Korea or Iran threaten other countries.

About the Missile Range Map Tool

  • This is a client-server application: the Missile Range Map Tool was created as part of a demonstration on the use of server frameworks and interaction with Javascript and Google’s Maps API.
  • It uses a mySQL database backend (where the missile data, locations and coordinates are stored) and the superlative Code Igniter PHP framework in the server (for processing and control), with Javascript at the client end. And, of course, Google, somewhere in the cloud.
  • It is free to use and you can download the ZIP package too. Use it, mash it up, give it away – provided you keep the headers in the source code, it’s all yours.Copy and paste the following to mashup the application into your own website or blog:
  • Regretfully, we cannot support the downloading and install of the server component of the application – you are on your own. Which is a very good thing indeed.

Disclaimer: This code is posted “as is”, with a Creative Commons license and neither Carlos Labs nor any of its representatives guarantee the suitability of this script, or assume any responsibility for your actions.This script is free to use on any software project, free or otherwise, provided you credit Carlos Labs and you do not remove the header in the script.

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