Digital Marketing

I am a Google partner and certified in Analytics and AdWords since 2012.
In May 2017 I graduated with distinction from the Squared Online digital marketing leadership course.

Establishing your brand and clear marketing objectives is a crucial first-step to participate in the digital world. I can create a marketing campaign for you using Google AdWords –the premier suite of tools for digital advertising– and guide you through all stages of a successful launch. From definition of goals, to analysis of the results.

Understanding how market segments work for you –and how to bring your message to the right market segment– helps you lower your advertising costs and improve revenue. With my experience I can help you locate and target the right user for your product –by using the right combination of advertisements, keywords and strategy.

Identifying consumer trends, visits and purchase patterns to your web properties is essential to understanding your return on investment –a measure of your marketing investment against your profit. Using Google Analytics, I can help you with valuable insights on how your brands and products perform for your users.

With my experience in education and team events, I can help your brand achieve results using your company’s own talent. Training can be provided in your premises or in an off-site location, according to your needs.